Excellence Everytime

Galaxy Vidarbha Diagnostics prides itself in being the best in the industry, in terms of quality and range of diagnostic services.

The first centre in Central India to start a radiology and diagnostics unit, it is still powering ahead of others, by ushering in a new era using PET-MRI,nuclear and molecular imaging and high field advance MRI facilities. At the same time, the trust of the patients and their comfort is the foundation upon which this institution is built. The staff members are trained to be professionals while retaining their empathetic and compassionate touch.

The aim is to bring the best of the radiology and imaging machines in the world at our doorstep, so that the patients in the region need not travel anywhere else.

Galaxy Vidarbha Diagnostics ensures for the patients:

  • State of the art Diagnostic Equipments.
  • The highest standards of clinical care.
  • Safe environment.
  • Medication safety.
  • Respect for rights and privacy.
  • Access to dedicated well trained staff.
  • International injection control standards.

Galaxy Vidarbha Diagnostics is proud to be on the panel of the following hospitals:

  1. E.C.H.S
  2. C.G.H.S
  3. WCL
  4. MOIL
  5. Ordnance Factory, Ambazari
  6. Ordnance Factory,Itarsi Hospital
  7. Ordnance Factory, CHanda Hospital
  8. MRSAC(Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre)
  9. Hope Hospital
  10. Cancer Clinic, Dr. Smita Gupte
  11. Central India Cancer Hospital
  12. Mure Memorial Hospital
  13. Ortho Relief Hospital
  14. Lata Mangeshkar Hospital
  15. CARE Hospital
  16. Crescent Hospital
  17. Wockhardt Hospital
  18. NEERI
  19. South East Central Railway Hospital
  20. Central Railway Hospital